Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Weekend Recap: Buki and Maria get married on Saturday

On Saturday afternoon, after my clearness committee to explore some issues around church and work and life, I drove a couple hours up I-65 to the wedding of a cousin of a friend at an arboretum in Valparaiso (in a hole at the bottom of the sea).

Buki Long (oddly, the brother of a guy who, unbeknownst to me prior to the actual wedding, lived on my floor at IU) and Maria Hernandez, my friend Myrna's cousin, got married in a beautiful pond-side ceremony in the stone pavilion on the arboretum's homepage. (Did you click it?)

The wedding itself was pretty quick -- less than 15 minutes or so from start to finish -- and then we went to the Radisson Star Plaza for the reception, where three important things happened (to clarify, many unimportant, yet fun and meaningful, things also happened, but these are the important, dear-diary ones):
  1. In the lobby of the Radisson Star Plaza, I discovered a beverage station with two different containers -- one with water, ice, and lemon pieces (often, I'm told, called "lemonade") and the other with water, ice, and sliced strawberries. I opted to sample the strawberry-water ("strawberryade"?) and my world was rocked to its very core. It was light, it was sweet -- it was very refreshing! If you have any strawberry-water recipes, please let me know.
  2. We danced like crazy all night long -- well, I danced like crazy, as usual. Sadly, unlike "as usual," I hurt a lot more, for longer.
  3. Because Buki and Maria are IU grads with many IU-grad friends, the DJ played the IU fight song. A group of us, aged I would guess 21 to 35, bonded as we sang "Indiana, Our Indiana" at the top of our lungs.

And the Award for Outstanding Wildly Hilarious Quote of the Evening goes to Myrna's aunt, Minerva:

"Oh, Myrna, you look just like me. You're gorgeous!"

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Meana said...

Lovely that you selected that as your favorite quote of the evening! I'm thankful that you graciously omitted your observations of any other family dynamics, which I know might otherwise be blog worthy! :)