Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Weekend Recap: Friday evening with the Weisses

On Friday, my friend Renu and her family, who live in Chennai and whom I visited in December and January, came to have dinner with me, my folks, and some other friends. We had a great time with a ton of food.

Renu and her husband (also named Scott) have two sons: Naren, age 17, and Navin, age 15. (I think.) The weird thing is that their sons act nothing like their American counterparts might -- they're well-behaved, articulate, bright, happy to be there, and just overall delightful! (As they were when I visited India...but my parents were pleasantly surprised by their demeanor.)

Having lived in San Antonio while Renu was in med school (I think), the family was eager to watch the Lakers/Spurs game. Sadly, as the game wore on and the Spurs, shall we say, failed to thrive, they became less and less eager.

But we still had a great time with lots of great food and terrific conversation. A winner of an evening!

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