Saturday, June 07, 2008

Alfredito Update

Here's the latest update on Alfredo from Iván ... Alfredo still needs prayers, so keep 'em coming!
Dear Friends,

Some of you have been a little frustrated that I have not been able to send more frequent updates. I give you my word that I have done my very best to do so.

This is a very important week for Alfredo. If everything goes well, he will be discharged this Wednesday from the hospital with Antonia in charge of doing the home peritoneal dialysis 3 to 5 times a day.

About 10 days ago, Alfredo was transferred from hemo dialysis to peritoneal dialysis which can be done at home. Antonia is being trained by specialists on how to do this on her own. Alfredo is doing quite well and he is ready to leave the hospital. Unfortunately his kidneys are not working at all and at this point the doctors do not expect that they will ever work again. Transplant is not an option either, at least for 2-3 years because the disease that has affected his kidneys will do the same thing to any new kidney at the moment.

Now the big question is if in El Salvador they can continue with the type of dialysis he needs and if the fluid for peritoneal dialysis is readily available. If he can't get the type of dialysis he needs, then the question will be how will that affect his health in the short and long term. We have communicated with the doctor in charge of dialysis at the main children hospital in El Salvador but he has not replied yet to confirm whether or not they can continue Alfredo's care in El Salvador. So, right now, EVERYTHING depends on the doctors in El Salvador. Nothing more can be done here.

I started writing this e-mail Tuesday afternoon and as it has been the case with Alfredo ever since we landed in the hospital, the situation changes dramatically everyday without notice. Everything that could have possibly gone wrong HAS GONE WRONG. Wednesday morning, as I was preparing to send this e-mail, the doctors came to check on Alfredo to see if he could be released. They have found 1 big hernia, possibly two and he needs immediate surgery so he can continue with peritoneal dialysis. So, we will not only not leave the hospital but it looks we will have to stay there for another 2 weeks or so. He may have to go back to hemo dialisys for a week while he recuperates from surgery and then start the process again for peritoneal dialysis.

If anything else goes wrong, we will probably not meet our goal to return to El Salvador on June 29 as originally planned. We do not seem to catch a break, so I am truly hoping this was the last hurdle to overcome. But spirits are high and Antonia and I are very hopeful that the three of us will return to El Salvador on time. And we also hope that Alfredo can receive the appropriate care back home so in 2-3 years he can have a kidney transplant and leave a normal life.

Many of you have asked me how to financially contribute to this process. You can send a tax exempt contribution to:

CoCoDA / Alfredito

609 E. 29th Street

Indianapolis, IN 46205

Any funds received will be used to cover the 2 surgeries and expenses incurred to date. We appreciate your support and we will be forever thankful. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

To all of you, my most sincere apologies for not writing more often, and my gratitude for helping at the hospital and for all your financial contributions.

My regards to all,


PS. Friday morning: The surgery yesterday afternoon went very well. They only found 1 hernia.

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