Thursday, June 26, 2008

As promised...the first one that came up.

In my preview of things to come earlier this week, I said I'd use the Imagination Prompt Generator to come up with a blog topic. Here goes...the random topic for me to be blogging about is: "Ten of my very worst ideas..."

  1. Quitting that one job without another one lined up.
  2. Quitting that other job without another one lined up.
  3. Taking the train from Chicago to Denver and back in two days that one time, just for the fun of it, even though it was a nice introduction to train travel.
  4. Agreeing with a friend who wanted to knit me a man-pancho, or "mancho," as it came to be called...luckily it was highly regiftable.
  5. BevReg, the computerized beverage preference database, kind of like a coffee gift registry, so you could register your drink and then friends could get you exactly what you want when they're at Starbucks and they don't have to call you to figure out you want the venti extra hot caramel soy macchiato no whip or whatever. Because who's gonna say that? (Although I'm kind of still workshopping that one.)
  6. The 2004 Mini-Marathon.
  7. Not pre-approving the picture that ran with my "Millionaire" story in INtake three years ago, which showcased me in a way analagous to Elaine in her Christmas cards. (Luckily, that pic is no longer available online.)
  8. That time I got that weekend-overnights job where I had to put the little Atari-cartridge-like tapes in and out of the automated back-up machines.
  9. Taking responsibility for Tia Maria, the emotionally damaged cat, when Kevin moved into an allegedy no-pets condo. And the ensuing fiction when she and I took our leave from one another.
  10. Six weeks in Bismarck.

UPDATED TO ADD: 11. That time -- at age 26 -- when I cut my own hair on a lunch break and then created an entire fiction around it involving a "friend" who was in beauty school and it was her first time cutting hair, and I even created written evaluations for co-workers to fill out so that my "friend" could get feedback about how she did. (To their credit, my friends were very positive: "Great first try!" they wrote. "Next time, go for more symmetry." Or, "Ambitious first cut. Maybe try scissors instead of clippers next time!!!!!") 12. Any karaoke ever, except for my energetic rendition of Manilow's "Bandstand Boogie." 13. Any and all of my head-shaving-for-charity episodes. 14. Trusting that British fellow in Rome. 15. Not beating the hell out of those gypsies in Rome. 16. Accepting dinner from those strangers in Verona. (14, 15, & 16: All's well that ends well, right?)


K.T. said...

Still laughing out loud about the "Mancho". :-)

Natalie said...

That evaluation was SO fun to fill out!!! Hysterical!