Friday, June 06, 2008

Is This Real? (Cellphone popcorn)

I received a link to this page from a friend by e-mail. It contains 3 videos, each with a similar theme. Here's one of them:

Is this real? There's no way this is real. Is there?

Considering the facts that:
  1. popcorn pops because the water inside it gets heated and becomes steam and when the pressure builds up it explodes, turning the kernel inside out, and
  2. our bodies are 50 to 70% water,
it kind of seems like these cell phones aren't supergood for our bodies.


Anonymous said...

I got it to work, then went out and did some cow tipping and snipe hunting, good times.

Sarah said...

One way to find out...

SSS said...

Haha, sadly, it has been proven to be a hoax. Something about some bluetooth device company whose device uses 99% less energy or whatever.