Monday, June 09, 2008

Mozart meets Ed Rooney Emperor Joseph II

You've no doubt deduced by now, dear reader, that when I embed videos to my blog, it is as much to create an album for myself (so I don't have to search for them every time) as it is to share them with you. Sometimes I keep them because they're especially funny or poignant. Sometimes they're just nostalgic.

The video below, from Amadeus, is all three. In this scene where young-adult Mozart meets Emperor Joseph and his crew for the first time, the narrative layer is pretty amusing, as the lighthearted Mozart reproduces note-for-note Salieri's composition as performed by Emperor Joseph a single time mere moments before, and then improvising to make it "Better? What do you think?".

But a little deeper, this clip (and the few minutes before it -- as Salieri labors, under the crucifix, to compose the piece and as Emperor Joseph works to perfect his performance) also illustrates, pretty poignantly, the various emotions aroused among the non-Mozart characters as they find themselves in the same room with this genius. Incredulity, jealousy, disbelief, shame, envy, pride, and reluctant admiration all show in the faces of the Emperor's men, in this clip of less than 2 minutes. Awesome.

And this clip is also nostalgic for me because I remember going to the Woodland Theatre (which is now long gone and turned into a strip mall) to see Amadeus in junior high -- more than 20 years ago. It was one of the first movies I remember going to without my parents. Why I would have wanted to see this film about the tragic life arc of one of history's greatest composers, I have no idea, but I still remember that experience, two decades later.

Anyway, here's the clip. You should watch it, if only for the last couple seconds.

PS - iTunes needs to get the Amadeus soundtrack. I will purchase it and download it the day it's available.

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Meana said...

Although I rarely watch the videos, I've never seen this movie which may be what prompted me to watch this one. I'm intrigued enough to perhaps watch the whole film.