Sunday, June 08, 2008

My mindblowing rage

This week at our staff meeting, we participated in an exercise where we each grabbed a marker and then went up to easel pad paper -- one sheet for each of us -- and wrote on everyone else's sheet what we thought his or her gifts were. We were told not to write on our own, so I specifically didn't even look at mine to see what other people were writing.

I didn't get to see my sheet immediately after the exercise, either, as they were collected at the end of the meeting so our administrative assistant could write down everyone's and send the list around. (I suppose I could have looked when we were doing the second part of the exercise -- write on your own sheet the organizations you're a part of that people might not know about -- but I forgot to look then, too.)

Anyway, I was in the administrative assistant's office the other day, and I saw the sheets lying there, so I found my own and started reading it. And there were lots of good comments, but then I read one that said "Mindblowing in his rage."

And I thought to myself, "Hmm. That's odd. Because although there are times when I get tense -- even enraged -- around work things, I thought I usually tended to hide it well."

So then I re-read it, just to make sure. Oh ... "Mindblowing in his RANGE."

Yeah, that probably makes more sense. (You might note that "Mindblowing in his humility" was not one of the gifts listed.)


jss said...

That's funny... I'm sure if we did that same exercise at my office, mine would definitely say "mindblowing in his rage." Maybe they got us mixed up!!!

SSS said...

Well, it is a proven fact that, in our upbringing, you out-huffied me by a factor of at least a hundred...

Clifton said...

Scott, I've got mindblowing exercise rage. Those pop-psyche corporate exercises were a big part of my leaving a church I'd been involved in for 30 years. Whne it became clear that the new minister way into that stuff, I inew it was the end of the line for me. Maybe it's an age thing. Do you think?

SSS said...


I wonder...maybe if not an "age" thing, at least a "maturity" thing.

For me, it really depends on how the facilitator runs the "exercise." If it's pedantic and patronizing, then I don't have much patience for it, and my rage emerges quickly.

People pay lots of money to be trained as facilitators so people will pay them lots of money to facilitate things. But so many times, I've left thinking, "I could do better than that..."

Story of my life, I guess.