Sunday, June 01, 2008

The password is ... "meh."

CBS's new game show, "Million Dollar Password" debuted tonight, and I watched the first round. I was unimpressed.

I fear we have entered a new era for game shows. At some point (probably somewhere around the premiere of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" about ten years ago -- not to be ungrateful, because "Millionaire" was very, very good to me), we Americans went round the diminishing-returns bend. Now, like the coke fiend who can only get high with lethal doses of the smack, we can only get a high off a game show with a potential million-dollar pay-off.

Sadly, the trade for million-dollar pay-offs has been slower game play, and as tonight's debut proved, even network savior Regis Philbin can't elevate Password to primetime status.

So I have to wonder: Have we seen the death of the game show, as a genre?


K.T. said...

Not the death of the game show!

Uh....did they just skip a round?

Clifton said...

It's not the game show concept, maybe not even the big money ... it's the maniacal, screaming, leaping contestants and the equally nutty audience that puts me over the edge. That's entertainment? Do they have game shows on mars? If not, sign me up. I wanna go there.