Saturday, June 07, 2008

Praise God. Now, can we get on with it?

For the last two years, the United Methodist Church in Indiana has been futzing and fitzing over whether it should stay divided into two conferences (geographical districts) or unite into one.

Exactly one crapload of money and even more time has been devoted to studying how to merge the two conferences into one create a new statewide conference. As someone who is pretty actively engaged in church life and fairly well attuned to issues of organizational development, I can pretty confidently say that the conferences' recent decision, announced just today, to merge create a new conference will have precisely zero effect on how I work, how I worship, and how I relate to the other 225,000 United Methodist Christians in Indiana.

I'm happy that the people to whom this apparently matters are excited about the future. I celebrate with them, and I offer a prayer for God's continued guidance for the Church and the churches.

But I hope we can move forward now and not get caught up in the politics and emotions of the merge creation of a new conference. Though it seems to the people at the top of the pyramid that this is the Most. Pressing. Issue. facing the church today, it's so very irrelevant to the 99.5% of us laity who just want to show up at church on Sunday and sing some hymns, hear a sermon, and maybe connect with God in community.

So, let us praise God that the initiative passed. And let us get on with the doing of God's work and not get further snagged on this ridiculous politicking and organizational masturbation.

(Can't wait to see what kind of Google hits that last phrase gets me...)

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