Saturday, June 21, 2008

QUASH just about killed me ... but it was awesome!

Also, we didn't win the prize money, but that's hair's intact!

This morning at 9:00, a bunch of people gathered for the inaugural Quest to Unravel Alzheimer's - a citywide Scavenger Hunt (QUASH). We met at Celebration Plaza at White River State Park (bottomish left, close to the river on the map below) and checked in and got our clue packets -- the Scavenger Hunt was a race around town, visiting local landmarks and answering questions/performing tasks at each to earn points in the contest.

Below is the path that my brother, JJ, and I ultimately took -- pretty good except for one major miscalculation on the location of the USS Indianapolis Memorial which took us way out of the way at the end. Our almost-five-mile path kind of looks like one of those Family Circus comics where you follow the dotted line to see what Billy did that day. Except our line is yellow, not dotted (pay no attention to the dots...I didn't know how to turn them off in Google Earth):

Twenty-six clues led us to such diverse landmarks as St. Elmo Steakhouse, the Scottish Rite Cathedral, all manner of war memorials (I mean, come on, Indy), and PanAm Plaza. (Remember the 1987 PanAm games?)

We were proud that we answered all 26 questions, including 3 that involved "Getting our QUASH on," doing some sort of special task -- completing a 3-legged race, answering brain teaser word puzzles and decoding a secret message. We figured we got three questions wrong. One was a silly error (we missed some flags flying on the Columbia Club), one was just a mistake (we went to the wrong war memorial -- again, come on), and one was a contestable, ambiguously-worded question. But when we talked to the guy, he told us even if we had that question right, it wouldn't make a difference...apparently the team that won got them all -- or almost all -- right.

Overall, a spectacular event. JJ and I raised almost a thousand dollars for Alzheimer's care, support, and research (Thanks to our many donor friends! And you can still donate if you'd like), and we had a great brotherly bonding morning, even if I am exhausted and sunburnt and a little creakier than I'd care to admit!

We'll definitely look to be involved next year and encourage you to do the same. 'Twas a blast!


jss said...

Thanks for making it a great day! I really had fun - even though we probably got screwed somehow.... not that I'm bitter. Anyway, it was a great day and I really had a blast! I'm in for next year!


Meana said...

Sounds like you had a blast. Um...did you forget your sunscreen? :)

SSS said...

Yes, yes, I did forget sunscreen. I actually think my eyeballs got sunburnt. I'm having itchy dryness.

Meana said...

Good Lord. Were you not reminding me about this very thing a few days ago?

SSS said...