Monday, June 23, 2008

SSSemestwhore: Favorable reviews can be bought

OK, you know my post "Crappy Hour at the Symphony"? Well, things have changed. It turns out I may have judged it prematurely.

For, you see, I won a 3G iPhone!

The first thing we did at the Happy Hour, once we made our way to the one bar that ONLY had alcoholic drinks, was leave the one bar that only had alcoholic drinks. Immediately to the right of the bar that only had alcoholic drinks was an AT&T table, where they were promoting something called AT&T Uverse, which, the night before, my slumlord landlady Jenny had told me the condo complex was getting wired for. Anyway, at the AT&T booth, they were running a raffle and giving away an iPod and an iPhone.


So, let's try this again:

Man, the Happy Hour at the Symphony didn't go at all like I expected, but it was awesome!

There was so much energy in the Circle Theatre lobby when we got there. The place was PACKED with cool people -- I saw our IT consultant from work and a bunch of other hipsters I recognized from around town. There was a dude on a small stage playing acoustic guitar and we made our way to the bar with soft drinks while we dodged attractive women armed with White Castles. Not today, miss! Thanks anyway!

We got about a minute and a half of conversation out before some dude came on to harsh the buzz. Apparently there was a fire next door at the IPL building, which shares the Symphony's power grid, so we had to bail. No concert tonight! But we rubbed elbows with the cool kids on our way out and hustled over to Rock Bottom for a nice dinner.

We didn't get the concert we were expecting, but we did get a bonus! Rainchecks in the form of tickets to our choice of Symphony on the Prairie concerts this summer.(Sadly, in this re-do, the Prairie tix are already spoken for.)

So the evening didn't turn out the way we'd thought it would, but we had a nice time rolling with the punches.


Anonymous said...

Oh, you crack me up!! Grandma S would NOT approve of the title of this blog, though!!! - love, Lisa! Congrats on the Iphone!

SSS said...

Haha, I'm willing to be there's a lot of stuff on this blog Grandma Semester might not approve of...I sure do miss her, though!

Best. Hugs. Ever!

jss said...

Hahaha!!! Congrats on the iphone! I see a lot of parallels between you and White Castles. Maybe you should just break down and have one or two??? There have been way too many references lately for you to ignore. DO IT TODAY!!! You'll love them. Get the horseradish mustard and don't forget the seasoning salt on the fries. Wash it all down with a red pop and you'll feel like a new man - and tomorrow you'll feel like a different new man! :-)

sarah said...

I knew there was something not right about this Jenny chick... First she turns Jon into an alcoholic, now this!