Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Year In Blog In Word Cloud

I just found Wordle, an online resource that lets you create a word cloud out of whatever text you have, where the words that appear more frequently are bigger than the words that appear less frequently.

I used it to make a word cloud out of all the text from all my blog entries from the last year (July 2007 through today). Here's how it looks:

I will say I'm a little surprised how big "time" is...any surprises on your end?


Anonymous said...

very little "love"

Meana said...

I'm surprised at how small church is considering you go to one and work at another, for that matter, how small "dance" and "wonder" are.

You're right, time is pretty big, but it's nice to know that "think" made it up there!

Where's fun? And how did some words "friend" and "well" make it on more than once and in different sizes?

This is so fun!

K.T. said...

I've been looking at it trying to make sentences out of adjacent words. The first one I found was "God almost said, "why world?"