Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Best. Russian Roulette Cake. Ever.

Courtesy of my new favorite blog dedicated to mishaps, missteps, and misunderstandings in the wide world of pastry-based artistry, Cake Wrecks, I give you the most hilarious cake ever:


Nat said...

Meh...Your odds are still good.

jss said...

I don't get the bon bon cake.... However, I laughed until I had tears running down my cheeks (and I'm at work). It brought back memories of the late night Connecting with Carmel episodes! My favorite cake evaluation was Inspiration vs. Perspiration - that has to be the most pathetic cake I've ever seen!!! LOL!!

SSS said...

That poor bride (on the Inspiration vs. Perspiration one)!

The bon bon cake is hilarious to me because of the ambiguity over whether it's true or not that one of the six bon bons on top of the cake is poisonous. Are they being serious, or are they being ironic?

And the fact that someone would actually write something like that in icing makes it even funnier to me. Like, if it's a joke and they were that committed to the joke, that's funny. And if it's serious and they took the time to construct a potentially deadly cake and then write about it in icing, that's funny, too.

jss said...

Ok, I get it now... One (of these) bon bon is poison. I read it more as One bon bon (in general) is poison. Your interpretation is much funnier than mine was. By the way, I am sitting here waiting for another Cake Wrecks post. I have it as a favorite now.