Monday, July 21, 2008

Frontier Airlines

I'll be posting more about my vacation, including our trip to the Renaissance Festival (oy), but in the meantime, enjoy this compilation of Frontier Airlines commercials. If you've been following my Twitter feed (at left), you'll know that our tail companion on the way out to Denver was Lobo, the grey wolf, and on the way back, we were accompanied by Grace, the swan. For some reason, I love it when the flight attendant includes the tail art in the announcement: "On behalf of our Denver-based flight crew and Bandit, the baby raccoon on our tail, I'd like to thank you for choosing Frontier Airlines..." or whatever.

Anyway, Grace and Lobo are apparently not the big-name stars like Jack the rabbit or Griz the bear, who feature prominently in the ads below:


K.T. said...

I can't believe I'm watching all these commercials, but I kind of like them. Especially the barbershp quartet of penguins.

JL said...

I really like the Frontier Airlines. I got delayed out of Indy one time and had to stay the night in Denver and they quickly got a new flight out the next morning for me (and about 100 other people), a nice hotel and a free airline ticket. People from other airlines that night who got stuck didn't get the free ticket.

jss said...

I never would have picked Adam Carolla (or a guy that sounds just like him) for the rabbit, but those are funny!