Thursday, July 03, 2008

i, Tinerary

Here's what's on my to-do list the next coupla days:
  • Blazing Saddles outdoor showing @ the Eiteljorg (tonight)
  • Symphony on the Prairie with fireworks and a whole mess o' people @ Conner Prairie (Friday night)
  • Dog-playing -- not exactly dog-sitting, just visiting Luke and Ernie while John and Nancy get John healthy (throughout the weekend and for however long)
  • Dinner with the fam (Saturday night)
  • Connecting with the Dierdorfs (at some point)
  • Figuring out this thing for work -- another one of my "brilliant ideas" (at some point)
  • Lunch with Lisa Marchal @ Broadway pitch-in (Sunday afternoon)
  • Broadway Presents: A Celebration of Independence @ Broadway (Sunday afternoon)
  • Ice Cream Social @ Church (Sunday afternoon)

So much for the three-day "weekend."

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