Wednesday, July 16, 2008

QUASH Vindication

No, we didn't win, but we did a lot better than we thought.

When JJ and I finished the QUASH Scavenger Hunt, we were proud to have answered each of the 26 questions. When they reviewed the answers, we figured we missed 3 of the questions. We picked the wrong war memorial to find the cornerstone on. (Effing war memorials -- they're everywhere in downtown Indy.) We failed to see some flags flying on a building and so we blew the "How many flags..." question on that one. And there was a disputable question about the number of windows on the Nordstrom building. We counted the windows on the entire building but the question-writers intended only for us to count the windows on the east side of the building. ("Count the number of windows on the top row of this building. How many are there?" it said. Not "Count the number of windows on the top row of the east side of this building. How many are there?")

But whatever.

We went to lodge a formal complaint, as there was a $7,000 grand prize on the line and those 30 points could have been crucial, especially since we missed so few questions. So we found the guy who read the answers to the participants, stated our case, and the dude goes, "What team are you? The Answer is Mrs. Vernon? Oh, it wouldn't have made a difference anyway."

To which we both -- JJ and I -- replied, "Ass." (But not to his face. Because we have class.) And we assumed that we were late finishers (we came in just under the wire at the two-and-a-half-hour time limit) or everyone had gotten every question right or whatever, so it really didn't matter.


Just now, I GOOG'd "Indianapolis QUASH results" and found this*:

Yes, it is quantifiably true that those other 30 points wouldn't have made a difference, but the way the dude dismissed us, we thought we were in 10th place or worse.

I am very proud of JJ's and my 2nd-place finish out of 22 teams in that grueling, awesome, exhausting, exhilarating, challenging, fun adventure!

* If you click the link, you'll see that the whole list includes 22 teams, who scored as high as 790 points (all but one question -- the war memorial one -- correct) to 250 points (which, like the SAT, you could pretty much get for writing your name on the form and turning it in).

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Anonymous said...

I got a 790 on my GRE Analytical Reasoning component.