Friday, July 11, 2008

There is a LOT going on right now.

  • Family in town from Akron. (My 80-year-old aunt looks exactly the same as she looked 20 years ago.)
  • They're here for Madelynn's first birthday.
  • The Starbucks next to the church is one of those that didn't make the cut.
  • Reading Confucius (see left) AND the new David Sedaris. Mindblowing in contrast.
  • Wondering where my iPhone gift card is, although with my new garage-door-automatically-down policy, I have not gone out to check mail this evening yet...could be out there waiting.
  • Saw DK's Gershwin show.
  • Just realized that when I turn 35 on July 21 (not sure if I've mentioned that), I'll be as old as my dad was when I was born.
  • Gearing up for Colorado next week.
  • Also, not sure if I've mentioned it, but my birthday is July 21.

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