Monday, July 28, 2008

Trip to CO, Day 1

I flew to Colorado on Thursday of last week (7/17), and I think I had the easiest entry at Indy I've ever had. I stepped out of my parking spot in the Economy lot just as a bus was pulling up to Shelter #9 (my preferred shelter) and had literally no wait at the Frontier counter in the concourse. Found out that Lobo, the gray wolf, would be on our tail for the flight to Denver, and we were on our way.

My friends picked me up at DIA a little after 1:00 local time, which was 3:00 me time, which meant I was hungry. But first I had to find my friends' car. With all kinds of cars driving by in the dimly lit Passenger Pick-Up area and only a vague guess that my friends would be in a blue SUV, I wasn't superconfident I'd be able to pick out their vehicle. BUT! I came up with a great idea -- they're from Colorado, so I'd just look for the car with the Colorado license plate! Alas, I was foiled again, for you see every damn car at Denver International Airport has a damn Colorado license plate. (Duh!) Luckily, my friends saw me and, somewhere between the Frontier and Mexicana signs, they picked me up.

Since it was lunch(ish) time, we headed first to Italian buffet Cinzzetti's, one of Jeff's faves, but we got there too late and so we headed around the corner to 50's diner Gunther Toody's, one of Sandi's faves. It was here that I was introduced to Devil Fries Elvis Fries, an unholy concoction of french fries smothered in sausage gravy and cheese. Now, while it is a verifiable fact that I did partake of said Fries, I contend that it was because of the hunger, not because I thought it a swell idea. Anyway, I had an awesome burger and delicious cherry diet coke, so it was all good. Gunther Toody's: two thumbs up.

Then, we made our way to Jeff and Sandi's house in Longmont. I unpacked and took a little nap and then it was time to think about dinner. We settled on mocoloco, something which I had never heard of and which, on paper, rivals Elvis Fries. But it was actually OK! Mocoloco is a Hawaiian dish that Sandi and Jeff learned about on their honeymoon a couple years ago. It consists of rice, Salisbury steak, and an egg. Et voila, that's it -- a bed of rice, on which sits a Salisbury steak, on which sits an egg (any style, I chose fried). I wasn't superhungry, since we had just eaten a few hours before, and it was close to bedtime in Indiana, but I enjoyed my first go at mocoloco.

After dinner we played with Sandi and Jeff's Wii, during which time I schooled them on the Burtonator, the unreturnable serve return pioneered by Will and Carolyn's next-door neighbor Bradley Burton, who always swung really early but, we discovered, that's the way to win. Aron schooled me at bowling, though, so it evened out.

There must be something I'm forgetting about that first day -- oh, right! The new Little Seader! Leelen Daved Seader, age four-and-a-half months, the smiliest baby you ever did see. With a full head of hair and a constant grin. This kid is awesome! He's destined either to be Beaver Cleaver or Jeffrey Dahmer...let's hope for the former. We played a little bit on Thursday night, but we were all pretty tired, so we decided to get to know each other throughout the weekend.

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