Monday, July 28, 2008

Trip to CO, Day 2

On Friday, the second day of my trip to Colorado, I was left on my own for the daytime to create my own general fun and merriment. Left to my own devices with internet, Wii, cable, and a pool, you know I'm going to be fine. And I was! Until...

I spent most of the morning in the pool on a little floaty thing. It was delightful. The top half of me was out of the water, so I even got my iPod and just reveled in the weightlessness as I occasionally glanced up at the bright blue sky. Later, I began to occasionally glance down at my bright red chest!

Oops. Got a little crispy on Friday and I think I did OK through Friday and Saturday, but by Sunday, I was an itchy, stingy, grouchy mess! And by Monday, I was an itchy, stingy, grouchy, peely mess. Blech. But it was totally worth it to be in the clear, clean air and bright sunshine -- that kind of thing is good for the soul! (Even if it's not good for the epidermis.)

On Friday night, we made sushi at home. Sandi, whose prepared-for-anything-ness still amazes me after 15 years, pulled out her (and this is not a joke) "Japanese food box" which contained almost all the fixin's (you know I hate that word, right?) for sushi -- just add raw fish! And just add raw fish we did! Everybody pitched in at a prep station (slicing veggies, cutting crab meat, etc.) and we each got a little tutorial in sushi rolling. And then we were off! We must have made 12 or 15 rolls between us, and then we sat down and feasted like ... well, like sushi feasters. It was awesome!

After some TV watching (a double feature of MSNBC's "Lock-Up: Raw," inexplicably), we hit the hay, since it was going to be an early morning departure for the Renaissance Festival.

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