Thursday, August 07, 2008

Sentences I've actually said aloud, which still make me laugh, offered sans context

  • "There's no time for Ring Pops!"
  • "I have once again returned triumphant."
  • "I do not know anyone of the Clan McBroom."
  • "I'm sorry, have we met? I'm Florence Henderson."
  • "Whatchoo talkin' 'bout, random person next to me at PF Chang's?"
  • "No Hansen, No Dancin', No Vera Wang."
  • "The re-animated corpse of Billy Barty."
  • "If only I had a flux capacitor and, you know, science ... like, science knowledge ... or whatever."
  • "Either Scarlett LeBomb or Honey DDijon."
  • "Yes. OK. See ya!"
  • "Excuse me...were you Cousin Larry?"
  • "NOT! TODAY!"


julmille said...

And he WAS Cousin Larry!

SSS said...

And there really WAS no time for Ring Pops!

Anonymous said...

1.21 Jiggawats!!

Stacy said...

I recently proclaimed that there should be a channel on tv that should just have the weather all time. Sigh. Yeah, we don't have cable so I didn't immediately think of the obvious. As soon as I said though it hit me what I was saying - my husband hasn't let me live it down though. :)

jss said...

I demand to know the situations in which these sentences were used!