Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Snot is dead ... Long live Snot

Remember when I went to the RenFaire? And I told you about the comedy duo Puke & Snot?

Well, I have sad news to report: Snot has died.

There's not a lot of detail, but I will share with you the weird way I found out. Because why would I know, within a day, when Snot died? I'll tell you why: I looked at my Google Analytics today and I had a big jump in visits for some reason yesterday. So I looked up the traffic sources and found that the 10th most popular search phrase resulting in visits to my blog yesterday was "puke and snot died". So I performed the search and found the sad news.

And I've learned more since then, including the interesting fact that, apparently Puke & Snot were quite the act back in the day, to the extent that at one point, their opening act was Penn & Teller!

So, anyway, pour out a forty of mead for Snot, and say a prayer for Puke.

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