Monday, August 25, 2008

Starbucks-Crossed Lovers

Taylor the Latte Boy, by Kristin Chenoweth:

Taylor's Response, by Some Guy (whose stage name seems to be "Brian Harden"):

With thanks to @MegCanada


lisa said...


It reminds me of an encounter I saw at Starbucks last week. The latte girl was drooling over the two guys in line in front of me..Cristo and Marchello. She asked them their names and then if they were Italian.

I thought she was going to jump over the counter and attack those poor souls.

If they hadn't been babies she would of had to get past me first! Hot customers.

Esmerelda's friend, Lisa

K.T. said...

I'm so glad I watched these! A little late in the game, but you know me and anything done in the style of Broadway. I like the video of Kristin Chenowith that you have included, there is a much earlier one out there (I think from the Rosie O'Donnell show) where she uses the name Carole. Hence, Taylor's response to Carole, not Kristin. Many other Taylors are out there as well, but you have picked the best one.