Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Bringing you up to speed

Here's what's happened in the time since I last posted (well, since I posted anything other than videos):
  • I took great joy at shutting down the door-to-door Comcast man who was desperately grasping at any opportunity to get my personal information and/or entice me to purchase Comcast. (Me to Comcast man who was incredulous that I didn't have cable: 'Well, I'm an unusual guy. You can ask just about anybody.')
  • I visited the Feast of Lanterns. Saw a pretty good young-person rap competition. Saw some pretty bad talent and some pretty good talent at a Gong-Show-type competition. Best quote from Gong Show judge, in defense of her refusal to gong very-off-key gentleman singing gospel: "I am not going to Hell for The Gong Show."
  • I pet-sat for my brother and his family: two dogs, two cats, numerous fish. Eleven days of loud dog-breathing, cat litterbox-missing, and inappropriately excessive doses of antihistamines.
  • I figured out how to follow through every time on my forehand.
  • On the way to work one morning, I realized that all my iTunes made me sad. Good thing I had downloaded the karaoke version of the theme song to "Gimme A Break" to turn it around. (I am not kidding.)
  • I had a middle-of-the-night epiphany that it's just not worth it; and also that it's not me, it's them. (See: Busted, My Give-A-Damn's)
  • With a friend and her two nephews, I watched the last Indy Indians game of the season and then saw (most of) Skyconcert from the outfield at Victory Field.
  • A friend whose marriage was rocky decided to move in with me and then decided not to.
  • I indulged in five episodes in a "Murder, She Wrote" marathon. I had seen them all before. ("M,SW" was a big part of Semester Family Sunday Nights as I was growing up. Kind of explains a lot, I'd say, as does the fact that the "M,SW" page I linked to is owned by an AOL user named meow103476.) (And I am not kidding.)
  • I sang a kick-ass version of "Getting to Know You" from "The King and I" in front of 80 people at the first meeting of a group at St. Luke's. Ken Who?
  • Barack Obama Himself texted me twice -- once at 3:05 a.m. to tell me he had chosen Joe Biden as his running mate, and once to encourage me to donate five bucks to the Red Cross. Neither exactly stirred me to action...
  • We had a great brunch at Broadway, but the Kitchen Ladies were ready to become a danger to themselves or to me by the end of the morning.
  • In exchange for the Broadway Kitchen Ladies' awesome work on Sunday, I agreed to emcee a jazz brunch called (*giggle) Sax and the City (*giggle) on Saturday, which the Kitchen Ladies are in charge of. You should come. Call me for ticket information; proceeds benefit the Mid-North Shepherd Center.
  • I received a very nice note from a reader named Cassi, whom I've never met in person, who was very concerned about my lack of posting for many days.


K.T. said...

So, my parents also watched a lot of Murder, She Wrote. I was in college by then, but I always watched with them when I was home. My Dad used to refer to Jessica Fletcher as "Nosey". As in that was her name, not a description. "What is Nosey getting into tonight?", etc.

I don't know why he called her Nosey, but I definitely wouldn't want to hang out with her. No good statistics from that friendship.

SSS said...

Agreed. JP Fletcher was one dangerous woman to know.

Sarah said...

Hope your funk is airing out. Does it feel nice to have people missing your blog?