Monday, September 08, 2008

Dave Jong-Il?

It is alleged by some (credible? who can say...) Japanese dude that North Korean Head Wackjob In Charge Kim Jong-Il has been dead since 2003 and he has been impersonated by one or more doubles for the past five years.

While, in my heart of hearts, I want to give the North Koreans props for having the big brass wontons to employ a political strategy based on a 1993 Kevin Kline movie (which itself seems based on a 1988 Richard Dreyfuss movie), I do have to wonder: Was there really no North Korean Authoritarian-in-Waiting? Did they fall victim to the third most popular classic blunder: Failing to provide succession planning for their dictatorial hijinks?

(Classic Blunders #1 & 2, respectively: Getting involved in a land war in Asia, Going in against a Sicilian when death is on the line.)


Anonymous said...

It is so weird that you posted this the day before the story broke of Kim Jong-IL possibly having a stoke and being gravely ill...

Perhaps North Korea read your blog, thought that America was on to them.. so leaked a story about Him being really sick.. you know.. to phase out the phonies!

K.T. said...

Brass Wontons?

I love the movie Dave. I even own the DVD. I remember seeing it with Ruben Flores at the Showplace 16 in Bloomington, which may have been the Showplace 8 at the time.