Saturday, September 27, 2008

I do not understand this. Y'all are messing with me, right?

I just checked my Google Analytics to see if last night's liveblog of the US Presidential Debate made any difference in traffic. (It did not...yet.)

Anyway, imagine my surprise when I checked the keywords that brought people to the blog and found the following, still holding strong at #1:

How, exactly, has the search phrase...
"songs made even more hilarious when performed in the style of ethel merman"

sent 31 total visits to my blog in the last month?

The instant rimshot remains the most visited page on my blog in the last 30 days, but Ethel Merman is the most searched.

Anyone? Is this a real thing? Have I stumbled on some sort of Ethel Merman conspiracy? (A "conspiiiiiiiiiiracyyyyyyyyyy"?)

Or are you just fooling with me?

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