Thursday, September 18, 2008

I see your Crying Indian, and I raise you three cuddly, yet suicidal, creatures

This ad is ridiculous.

Whether or not you believe global climate change is a real thing (which I do, elevating it to Clear & Present Danger status), I think we can all agree that one need not depict a Hume Cronyn-like chimpanzee hanging himself, a refugee-from-the-Coke-ads polar bear jumping over a cliff, nor an Outback-parched kangaroo stepping in front of a speeding train to make the point.

BTW, the Portuguese at the end translates to "Global Warming: If you give up, they give up." (I couldn't find an embeddable English version.)

(With a tip o' the hat to @Chad Norman, who linked to this video with the observation that it is "one of the darkest global warming PSA's I have ever seen")

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jss said...

wow... that really made me sad.