Friday, September 05, 2008


In the ten days while I was pet-sitting and living at my brother's house, the (mostly decorative, entirely forgotten) bowl of apples on my breakfast table became host to the D. Melanogaster clan, an uninvited, extended family of little fruit flies.

This is annoying.

I am working through some half-assed home remedies -- I have made my own flytraps, but since I don't have wine, I have used balsamic vinegar and fruit cup in heavy syrup. I have made my own flypaper, but since I don't have corn syrup, I used maple syrup. So, it may or may not work.

Anybody have any other ideas? (Julmille suggested pickle juice down the drain, but my quick exploration did not yield any drain flies.)


K.T. said...

I visited a friend once in Vermont who had fruit flies. Not the best weekend away, but it is a story that won't be forgotten.

My friend Cindy and I, who were on a weekend off while working at a summer camp, ended up cleaning this friends apartment and getting rid of the fruit flies somehow. I don't remember exactly how we did it, but I think they pretty much followed the garbage out the door. Then we just cleaned, cleaned, cleaned, and they either drowned in water or Fantastik.

Good luck, but be careful with Milo. I know he may be sensitive to the cleaners you use and such. And we wouldn't want a bunny paw getting stuck on fly paper. (I know it's not really a paw, but rabbit's foot just doesn't seem right either).

Julmille said...

Typically the flies come from the drain, probably can't see them down there though...
Also, if any furry friends get stuck to any kind of glue trap, pour vegetable oil on the are to "unstick". Just call me Heloise!

Anonymous said...

take a small glass fill it ½’ with Apple Cider Vinegar and 2 drops of dish washing liquid, mix well. You will find those flies drawn to the cup and gone forever!