Sunday, October 26, 2008

Big, big weekend! (Not really.)

This weekend flew by, and I don't rightly know what happened to it. But here's the briefest of rundowns:

Friday night, I had dinner with my parents, which was awesome, as usual. We got pizza and salad from Some Guys in Carmel. If you are in Central Indiana, get thee to a Some Guys near you immediately. After dinner, I came home and chilled with Milo, my rabbit. He and I talked about life and love, but I had to call it an early night when he wouldn't shut up about this girl rabbit he used to know.

On Saturday, I stayed in bed until noon, making good use of my laptop, wi-fi, and, which I've mentioned before. You should check it out. (Did you check it out yet?)

For lunch, my friend Will and I went to The US-40 Diner in Plainfield, a 50-year-old (wait for it) diner on US-40. It's actually a pretty cool place and we had a great meal.

After lunch, I headed over to Myrna's (also in Plainfield) to pick her up for a trip to Greencastle for Julia and Brandon's wedding. I know neither Julia nor Brandon, but Myrna's on a Fall Wedding Tour, and this was the second of three stops for which I was the designated date. (Next stop: Gary on November 8-9!) The wedding was great, although it was a little heavy on the wives-be-subservient-to-your-husbands malarky for my taste.

The reception was held at the Putnam County Airport. Believe me when I tell you, this is much cooler than it sounds. The Dixie Chopper Something Something Business Center has a big airplane hangar that's attached to a bar and restaurant, and they actually use the hangar as a banquet space. The reception took a little while to get started, and by the time we got around to dinner and dancing, I was about as anxious to get out on the dance floor as the two-year-old twins (Daniel and William) of my new friends Meggan and Kevin were. Over dinner, I met a bunch of nice people, but by dancing time, it was just me, Myrna, Alison and Emery (and Meggan, Kevin, and the boys at another table). Luckily, that was more than enough to keep the party going. We danced and we danced and then we stopped and then we danced some more. I was exhausted by the time we got home, but it was a blast! I'm looking forward to next weekend's bonfire with some of my new friends.

Today was a big, big church day that, mid-way through, got shortened to just a one-big church day. That is to say, the three-hour meeting scheduled after the one-hour meeting got canceled. So I got to enjoy a little bit of Sunday afternoon! Which I promptly squandered on a nap and general goofery. This evening I helped Will a little bit with some moving tasks and then we went to dinner.

Which brings us to here and now. I realize, faithful reader, that my blog has recently been more of a journal/diary (in the European sense) than the humorous-column- or insightful-observation- or video-based merriment you've come to adore. Therefore, I shall work on a couple of solid posts for later this week and hopefully we'll get back in the groove.

Until then, I remain your obedient servant, O.G.*

*That reference is a clue to what one upcoming post will be about. If you get that reference, you are either someone I went to college with or you are a far bigger nerd than I realized patronize this internet establishment.

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