Saturday, October 18, 2008


While I have never discussed it with him directly, I believe it is safe to say that my brother would agree that the 70s television series "CHiPs" played a formative role in his early years, and was a heavy influence in his decision to pursue a career in Mexican soap operas law enforcement.

Other than the (potentially made-up) trivia of "My brother is a cop because of 'CHiPs'" here is some more "CHiPs" trivia:
  • I didn't realize it was Larry Wilcox who got top billing for the show. (Watch the intro again.)
  • Ponch's real first name was Francis. (I'd go by "Ponch," too.)
  • Real-life CHP motorcycle officers do not ride in pairs. The show explained Ponch and Jon's partnership with the idea that Ponch was a rookie and Jon was his mentor, but even after his probationary status changed, they still stayed on as partners.
  • Jon was a Vietnam veteran, as is Larry Wilcox, the actor who played him.
  • Erik Estrada's character was originally supposed to be of Italian descent with the name Poncherelli. When Estrada was cast, they simply changed the last letter to an "o."
  • Long before Star Trek: The Next Generation, Michael Dorn played "CHiPs" Patrolman Jebediah Turner. Later he would go on to play Klingon Lt. Worf on the Enterprise.
  • WHERE ARE THEY NOW? After "CHiPs," both lead actors remained actors, but they branched out in different ways. Erik Estrada, of course, found his way to "Dos Mujeres, Un Camino," as well as numerous pop-culture "I'm famous because I used to be famous" gigs. Larry Wilcox started a production company, also continued acting, ran a pharmaceutical company and is now involved with a software company.
  • I have fact-checked literally zero of the above tidbits. This site and this site are responsible for the above assertions.


jss said...

It's amazing how you were able to figure out that I was, in fact, heavily influenced by CHiPs. The show was a big influence on my decision to go into law enforcement, and my love of motorcycles. Mexican soap opera star was my second choice. Good thing I wasn't born 10 years later or you might have seen me play a Mexican drug lord as Jaime Semestero.

Troy said...

I was always a big fan of Larry Wilcox's work on the Battle of the Network Stars. A true athlete.

SSS said...

Wow, Troy. That is a really ... specific memory.

I wish they would bring back Battle of the Network Stars, but I'm afraid there really aren't any "network stars" anymore, are there? Bravo had that Battle of the Reality TV Stars or whatever, but really, I'd already seen enough of Charla and Mirna from The Amazing Race...I didn't need to see them face off against Ross the Intern and/or Coral from Real World 10.