Thursday, October 30, 2008

Facebook Deja Vu

This Facebook malarkey has gotten out of hand, with all the worlds collidin' and the friendin' and the plinkin' and the plunkin' and the Jello puddin'...


I have identified three groups of friends whom I would like to connect with: the aforementioned Orientation kids, the aforementioned Ghana kids, and the unaformentioned kids I spent seven weeks in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, with in 1990 as part of a foreign-language immersion program for high school students run through IU. So, if you happened on to this blog and you fit one of those categories -- or you know someone who might -- e-mail me at the address above, because come on, man, let's be friends!

And here's the weird thing...because you know there's always got to be a weird thing. The weird thing is this: I just went through my high school class on Facebook and friend-requested Sara Cassetti and decided if she confirmed me as a friend (fingers crossed!) I would ask her if she remembered anyone's full name from when we were in San Luis together. Within 15 minutes of me sending that friend request, Jason Hazelett, the guy whose host family lived right around the corner from mine in San Luis, friend-requested me!


Afi Eframian, a friend from the Carmel H.S. Orchestra, confirmed me as a friend and said, "How totally bizarre....I was just thinking about how I needed to 'add' you as a friend today to see what you have been up to.....great minds think alike, I guess."


It's like I'm directly plugged in to The Inter-web-o-tron this evening! I can almost feel the Nigerian scams coursing through my veins, I can almost hear the dozens of hot women in my city begging me for a date tonight, I can almost see my ... [ahem] ... enlargening.

I feel so webby.

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