Thursday, October 23, 2008


The last few days have been full of fun and excitement and, dare I say, sophistimacation.

Last Saturday, I got to meet Congressman André Carson when his office hosted an Energy Conservation and Assistance Forum at Broadway Church. The Congressman and five other panelists spoke about ways people can lower their utility bills this winter, and then a bunch of exhibitors gave out smoke detectors and all manner of sweet, sweet candy. Have you ever met a Congressman? Based on my vast experience (this Saturday), I can say categorically that all U.S. Representatives are tall, African-American men who are funny and personable. It is possible that I am generalizing, though. (They might not all be personable.) Also, Congressman Carson is my friend KT's neighbor! Lowlight: Working on Saturday. Highlight: Getting to meet my congressional representative, man!

On Sunday, after a cluster(handshake) of major proportions in the morning and into the afternoon, I got to spend some time with my brother and his family. We watched the Colts game and played with my niece. Lowlight: Colts' crushing defeat at the hands of the Packers, whose cheerleading uniform my niece was wearing, thanks to the Cheesehead side of the family. Highlight: Madelynn's NEW... ew... TRACK... ack... RECORD ...ecord...ecord for most steps taken in a row, into my waiting arms. (Seven total, which is a record she has probably shattered by now.)

Later on Sunday, I went to Beef & Boards with my friend KT to see "The Sound of Music." Which was good because, you'll recall, I didn't get to see the end of it when we watched it at the retreat a couple weeks ago. (The baroness is smoking hot in both the 1965 screen version and the 2008 B&B stage version, but less of a bitch in the stage version we saw, which, you know, at least there's that.) The show was great, and it was nice to meet a couple of KT's friends. I'll definitely be considering that Beef & Boards VIP membership for next year. Maybe Santa will bring that. Lowlight: Men's room line at intermission. Highlight: Do Re Mi.

On Tuesday, it was my mom's birthday, so we went to Vito's on Penn and then went to a concert. My friend Ron, who sings next to me in the choir at Broadway and who is a retired orchestra teacher, was guest-directing a concert for Carmel-Clay Schools. Because of a scheduling challenge, all three middle schools and Carmel High School decided to have one big concert on Tuesday, and they did it at Hilbert Circle Theatre, which was PACKED! Ron got us tickets as a favor, but they would have been totally worth any price paid, because the concert was excellent. Ron directed a combined orchestra made up of about 150 string players from Carmel's three middle schools. After that, Carmel High's four orchestras played. And when the last orchestra played, Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra concertmaster Zach DePue joined them for a couple songs. Very awesome. I'm almost embarrassed to claim that I'm a graduate of the Carmel-Clay Schools orchestra program -- these kids were so much better than we were back in the day! But they did this old Greyhound proud! Lowlight: Realizing it's been 18 years since I played in the high school orchestra. Highlight: Man, that whole concert was awesome, and I got to share it with my parents!

The last couple days have been relatively culture-and-sophistimacation-free. Other than declaring a vocab jihad on the word "spooktacular," I didn't do anything interesting yesterday, and today the only interesting thing I did was lunch with a friend, who has recruited me to help with Mothers Against Drunk Driving's "Walk Like Madd" 5K walk and celebration in May 2009. (Saturday, May 16, 2009, at Fort Ben State Park -- Just, you know, a heads-up for when you get an e-mail from me asking for your help as a volunteer and/or donor.)

More news soon. I'll share with you a re-creation of this unbearable meeting I was in on Wednesday (an organizational meeting for the first Indianapolis Monumental Marathon) and some other stuff that's been percolating lately. And then this weekend holds a lot of promise: visiting a restaurant for another Star Magazines article, then a wedding in Greencastle, and who knows what other trouble I might get into!


jss said...

I think you should also declare war on the term, which I have only seen once, "Hallowpalooza." I would much prefer "spooktacular" to "Hallowpalooza."

K.T. said...

I had forgotten that I invited you to the Congressman's house back in February before the election.