Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Liveblogging the BarackOmercial

Barack Obama has bought some time on network TV tonight. I'm gonna liveblog his infomercial.

8:45 I wonder what the BarackOmercial will be like in other time zones. Will Barack, et al, do the live campaign event four times throughout the evening? I wouldn't if I were them, but will 3/4 of the country feel ripped off?

8:29 The Florida crowd loses its collective mind. I wonder how the rest of the country feels, as The West Wing music comes back to the forefront. Joe Biden and Barack smile together and send us to watch Howie Mandel try to give away a million dollars.

8:28 Crap! There's only six days left until the election. What are we going to talk about after Tuesday?

8:27 Barack will not be a perfect president, but he promises always to tell us what he thinks and where he stands and be honest and listen. The West Wing music swells again as he invites us to be involved in our own democracy again, as we cut to a live event in Florida.

8:26 Gov. Bill Richardson (New Mexico) also endorses Barack.

8:25 Barack clowns around with women in hairnets.

8:24 Brig Gen John Adams endorses Barack.

8:24 Barack will rebuild the military for the 21st century. FINALLY sharks with lasers and cyborg monkeys! No? Just me?

8:22 Mark and Melinda are struggling to make ends meet. I wonder if there's anyone who's really excelling financially right now.

8:21 Barack talks highly about Biden. Does anyone remember when Biden called Obama the first "clean" and articulate African-American candidate? I'm just saying...

8:20 Sen. Dick Durbin (Illinois) and Sen. Claire McCaskill (Missouri) and Sen. Joe Biden (Delaware, also Barack's VP candidate) tell us what Barack has done in Washington.

8:19 Michelle makes an appearance to humanize Barack. He has read every Harry Potter book with the girls and calls them every night. (Awwww!)

8:18 Back to the NotOval Office, where Barack talks about access to education and healthcare. Then, we get Sensitive Barack talking about his mom's death from cancer.

8:17 Back to Denver for more speechifying. He's really good at that.

8:16 We learn more about Barack's family.

8:15 An on-screen graphic indicates a live Obama event later in the program. (This is only a half-hour program, right?)

8:14 I knew we should have taken that left turn in Albuquerque. We meet a woman who is a special-needs educator working two jobs and attending classes.

8:13 Barack cares about the American working man, like Dan Aykroyd's character in Tommy Boy.

8:12 Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google, and Gov. Tim Kaine (Virginia) endorse Barack.

8:11 Barack will go through the budget line by line for savings, and he specifically addresses Iraq. Cut to a clip from one of the debates, and then a town hall meeting.

8:09 Barack addresses us directly -- not just short-term, but long-term solutions: $15B a year in alternative energy, five million new green collar jobs, work with Big Auto, tap natural gas reserves and expand domestic oil production. He'll also call on every American to join in conservation efforts.

8:08 We meet the Stevenses, who live where blues music plays all the time. Mrs. Stevens takes lots of medicines for her arthritis. When Larry retired, the cost of her medicine was so great that Larry had to go back to work (at Wal-Mart, if his nametag is any indication).

8:07 Gov. Ted Stevens (Ohio) and Gov. Kathleen Sibelius (Kansas) and Gov. Deval Patrick (Massachusetts) all talk about Barack's Midwest roots and leadership.

8:06 A nice older man talks with Barack about getting screwed out of his pension, and then a necktie-less Barack addresses the issue.

8:05 Barack outlines his financioeconomic plan to grow the economy and keep people on the job.

8:04:30 Barack: The Financial Rescue Plan is a step in the right direction, but we need a Middle-Class Rescue Plan.

8:04 I see they got the music director from The West Wing to score this.

8:03 Barack (because, come on, he's voicing over this as though he's a trusted friend) says he's met a ton of people just trying to figure out how to pay their mortgage.

8:02 Rebecca Johnston is all about her family. Her MASSIVE family.

8:01 Obama greets us in an office that is Totally Not the Oval Office. (But it sure looks like it, but homier.)

8:00 He's Barack Obama and he approved this ad.


julmille said...

LiveBlog! LiveBlog!

julmille said...

If I'm 72 and working at WalMart just shoot me. PetSmart - fine. WalMart - shoot me.

Jon said...

When the BarackOmercial aired at 7 PM Pacific, the live part was still listed as being "Live." However, I can't possibly believe they did the same thing multiple times. I'm certain they just recorded the first one and played it as if it were live. Y'know kind of like NBC does with the Olympics.

BTW, I thought it was awesome and can't understand how anyone *can't* vote for him.

On an unrelated note, I opened my sample ballot today and found out that one of my friends from Yuma, who just recently moved to Flagstaff, is one of the electors for Ralph Nader in Arizona. I know Hell will freeze over before she ever gets to cast a vote in Washington, but it was cool to see her name on the ballot.

Sarah said...

After the election... we talk about recounts and fraud. I love Obama more each time I hear him. I hope dems get control of congress too. My only fear is that Obama turns out to be like every other pres. Nah...

SSS said...

(Your supersecret Pee Wee Herman name is Barack-O!)

Yes, I doubt there was live-event reenactment, although I did get a tweet from BarackObama on Twitter that said he was in Kissimmee around 11:40 maybe they did a couple live shots?

But I kind of think the ad was designed for the east coast anyway...I think that's where most of the battleground states are. And since they were blowing all that money, they may as well do it all across the country. Kind of like you take all your bridesmaids to the salon on the day of the wedding, even though it's really only your newly-goth, freshman-in-college sister, BloodRavyn (birthname: Corrie Elyse), who needs the makeover for the big day.

As for Sarah's comment, I think President Obama (knock on wood) will be different, but I think there's a lot of Presidential stuff that's unavoidable these days...