Thursday, October 02, 2008

Not liveblogging, but let me say this

I just got back into the house after an evening of stuff, and I'm watching the end of the debate now.

I had harbored secret hope that Sarah Palin's heretofore bumbling responses to media questioning had been an elaborate ruse and that she was going to really hit a home run in this debate. Based on these last five minutes -- the only five minutes that I've seen -- this secret hope has not been fulfilled. But I guess nothing horrifically wrong, and she looks good, right?

So, what say you? Did she hit a home run in the part of the debate I didn't see?


Lisa73 said...

In my only moderately informed opinion, Joe ate Sarah's lunch. But apparently commentators are thinking she's the great victor because she didn't completely melt and was "down home," usin' terms befitting a waitress at Cracker Barrel. (No offense to those gals -- I loves the Cracker Barrel hashbrown casserole.)

SSS said...

I guess that's called "managing expectations" -- so perhaps the elaborate ruse paid off. On account of her not foaming at the mouth or shooting Biden in the face, now she's a media darling.

And I did hear Tom Brokaw heaping accolades upon her for using such words as "dang," and "dog-gone it" and for winking at the camera a couple times.

Lord, hear our prayers.

Anonymous said...

I started to wonder when SP would even directly answer a question. I'm not sure I ever heard one. I'm a bit astonished at the responses to the debate, but I guess the media expected her to face plant and she managed to stay upright. But, I don't think she did a good job (except on the use of the word maverick...)

julmille said...

I counted 5 "maverick" quotes. And I think each of those winks set back women's rights a few years. The phrase "heartbeat away from the presidency" has never been so horrifying.

Anonymous said...

anonymous here.

i'm going to buck the trend and suggest that comparing biden and palin is like comparing apples and oranges. it's easy to paint her as the rube, but i don't think that's really the case. she's just so completely outside the typical washington box that i suspect most people don't know what to do with her.

that's not to say that you have to like her, but come on. what politician ever answers the question he/she was actually asked? and if i can put up with obama saying pa-kee-stahn, can't you put up with a few "don'chas?"

i'll give her credit for being smarter and more talented than a lot of people seem to think she is. i'm not sure i'll give her credit for winning the debate.