Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Television Hates Itself (Warning: Vacation-Induced Introspection Below)

This video from Phil Barcio (whom I do not know, but who is on local social network outlines 56 reasons why television hates itself.

You may know that I have all but given up on television lately. I will occasionally watch Family Guy at 7pm and 11pm, but I do not watch the news any more, and between the scripted crap and the unscripted reality crap, there's maybe an hour or two of TV each week worth watching these days.

If you know me, you know that this is quite a lifestyle change. TV used to be my whole deal -- I'd come home, turn on the TV and it would be on until I went to bed -- and sometimes even after I went to bed the TV was still on. I guess I've just gotten bored with TV. I feel like I can make up more interesting stories in my own head or in my own real life.

Which, I think, is what leads me to reflect on this video from Phil Barcio. There are lots of reasons "Television hates itself because..." in which you could substitute "SSS is dissatisfied right now because..." (Although I can swim and I am not under the influence of prescription drugs...and in my positive brainspace, I'm usually able to talk over that internal "dissatisfied" monologue.)

I think that, in addition to getting bored with TV, I've gotten bored with my own life. I'm not really working toward any big personal goals right now, and I think that's what's got me off track.

Luckily, I'm on vacation this week (two-hour workchunks Monday, Tuesday, and today notwithstanding), so I'm going to go on a retreat tomorrow and spend some time around Eagle Creek Park to think and pray and sort and laugh and think some more and pray some more.

I'll keep you posted.

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Emily said...

I hope your vacation gives you reflective time to make you feel more optomistic. I've been reading this blog called Brazen Careerist ( and a post about finding meaningful work reminded me of you.