Friday, November 21, 2008

Hollywoodizing my life

  • If my life were a Will Smith action comedy, right about now is when the CIA would show up and call on me to serve my country in some far-fetched, yet ultimately redemptive and endearing fashion. Something involving, perhaps, stand-up comedy on a cruise ship, say, or driving a cab in London (on the wrong side of the street!). BUT the CIA has not knocked on my door yet.

  • If my life were a season of 24, I wouldn't have to be concerned about receiving my last steady paycheck from my former workplace tomorrow, because there would be a plot already written out that would resolve that...and who knows if I'll even make it to the end of the day? Also, I wouldn't need to bathe, go to the bathroom, stop for groceries or gas, or get the mail. BUT I do, in fact, still have to do all that stuff. Because, luckily, it's likely that I'll make it to tomorrow.

  • If my life were a chick flick starring Sandra Bullock and Queen Latifah, I would have a wise-cracking, yet supportive, friend who would help me see the silver lining and encourage me at this difficult time. BUT I have about 17 wise-cracking, yet supportive, friends who are helping me see the silver lining and encouraging me at this difficult time.

  • If my life were an episode of Law & Order, I'd have stumbled over a dead body or two on my newly-initiated morning walk-jog. BUT the only dead things I've seen recently have been a cat and a squirrel. Still, that's pretty sad, right?

  • If my life were a sitcom, I would be having wacky, inconsequential adventures, sometimes on my own, sometimes with one or two trusted friends. BUT -- oh, well, wait. That's kind of happening.

  • If my life were a movie musical, right about now is when I'd break out into song in place of dialogue. BUT -- oh, yeah, that too. I do that now.

How would your life be different if it got the Hollywood treatment?

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jss said...

I'd probably be riding down a California interstate somewhere on a police Kawasaki with a guy named Ponch!