Friday, November 07, 2008

I am NOT Extreme Anything

There is absolutely nothing that you could videotape? film? visually record me doing that would look impressive when backed with a techno soundtrack. To wit:

The sad truth is that, even after 35 years on this earth, I am not pierced, I am not inked, I cannot jump over things or use things on wheels to perform daring acts of derring-do...pretty much, I can only do that thing with my tongue, which is a genetic trait anyway.

So is there a place for me in 2008? Is there an opportunity for a man to live the simple, non-body-modificationalized life these days? Is there any "normal" any more, or is "normal" the new "abnormal," is "crazy" the new "sane" now?

Video: "Contact Juggling" via Uncover the Internet

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Clifton said...

Oh yes, everything has turned upside down. Or is it bottom side up. In olden days a glimpse of stocking was shocking. But nowadays ..... somebody should write a song about that.