Sunday, November 23, 2008

Memo to Dad: Don't Forget 24 Tonight!

In the year and a half since the finale of the sixth season of 24, the story of the wacky adventures of four old ladies in Miami the story of the wacky adventures of four boarding-school students in upstate New York the story of the wacky adventures of six young people making their way in life and love in mid-90s New York City the story of the wacky adventures of five children forced to live on their own when their parents are killed by a drunk driver the story of the wacky adventures of Counter Terrorist Unit agent Jack Bauer filmed in real-time, my father has had no adrenaline outlet, no weekly rush of excitement, no regular jolt of vicarious energy.

Truth be told, this has been good, as Dad has channeled his energy into other constructive projects, such as building residential wheelchair ramps for the less fortunate, re-tiling the kitchen floor, and watching House. In a way, though, it is clear that tonight's brief return of 24 and the new season's beginning on January 11 are very positive steps for the Mom-and-Dad household. Dad will soon be back to carving out an hour each week to shush Mom so he can "help Jack" and Mom will soon be back to having an hour each week when she can watch QVC uninterrupted. It's win-win.

Tonight's 24 minibite is but a prelude leading up to the season opener on January 11 -- ahem, "24play," if you will -- but it looks good. Apparently it takes place over two hours when the first female US president (timely! topical! sort of!) is about to be inaugurated while, at the same time, an imminent violent coup ("How imminent?" "Very.") with the potential to lead to genocide is about to take place in the fictional African state of Sangala (also timely! also topical! mostly!). Fortunately -- I mean, come on -- Jack is in Sangala and we get to see how he spends those two hours saving the world...or does he?

(See what I did there? Now you have to watch it.)

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