Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Rule: No Death Songs, Please

When I die before you, dear reader, you are not, under any circumstances, to write a song about the circumstances of my death, nor about any does-heaven-exist death pact which we may or may not have made with one another.

And you sure as hell are not to tell our story on the Fourth Hour of the Today Show. Honestly. If neither of us is famous enough for at least the Second Hour by the time I die, then what's the point, really?

Enjoy Broadway (the musical theatre capital, not the church where I used to work) singing sensation Cheyenne Jackson, as he musically tells the story of this dude (seated on the couch next to Kathie Lee Gifford, nee Epstein, who wrote the song in question) who made a pact with his mother that whichever one of them died first would indicate the presence of heaven by sending a red balloon to the living one within 24 hours. (Got that? Me neither. Just watch.)

via Best Week Ever

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