Monday, December 15, 2008

Sick! (In the way the kids now use "sick" to mean "exceedingly cool")

Remember Colin Clark? I tweeted about how Greg Grunberg, star of TV's "Heroes," had proclaimed me Local Hero of the Day on account of the runaway minivan at the gas station incident, and I think (though I don't know for sure) that led Colin to check out the ol' blog here.

Anyway, despite the fact that Colin and I have never met in person and have only corresponded via Twitter and Smaller Indiana, he saw that I was a fan of the song "On the Bayou" and decided to record an impromptu live version. Here it is, y'all:

This really cool unexpected surprise helps me see that gifts need not be expensive, monetarily -- it didn't cost Colin anything to make that video, but it sure was cool to see!

Therefore: What can you do or make or write or create or paint or sew or grow or whatever for free and give to someone else?


Anonymous said...

The last two paragraphs sound familiar.


Meana said...

You brought your A game too...thanks, again! :)