Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 More Random Things

The latest thing on Facebook is to list 25 random things about yourself and then tag 25 other people and make them do it. I refused to tag more people -- because, come on -- but I made my list. What I *did* do was tag people back if they tagged me, but because I wasn't specifically tagging people, I kind of half-assed my way through the list. Therefore, here is a better list of 25 More Random Things About Me:
  1. I have been to West Africa twice for volunteer/mission work. In 2003, I went to Ghana and volunteered in a town of about 50,000 people called Ho. In 2007, I traveled with a mission team from Operation Classroom / Operation Doctor to Liberia and Sierra Leone. You can read all about that second trip here.
  2. While I was in Africa the first time, I invented a game to entertain me and the other volunteers. I'm now working on developing that game into a marketable product, so if you know anything about publishing and marketing a board game, I'd love to talk to you.
  3. I met Miss America 2009 Katie Stam (way back when she was still Miss Indiana) when she sang at my church last fall.
  4. Generationally, I should like grunge, metal, and/or rap. I like easy listening and showtunes.
  5. I appeared on the television game show, "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" in 2005 and won $25,000. I still kick myself for switching the $50,000 question, which I ultimately missed.
  6. I used to think I wanted to be a novelist. I'm not sure about that any more. I think I really just want someone to fly me to cool places where people will clamor for my autograph.
  7. A lot of great things have happened to me since I moved back to Indiana in 2004, but leaving my last job was the single best thing for me in the last five years.
  8. I grew up without pets (unless you count Nathan the newt, who I had as a Boy Scout project), but now I can't imagine life without my new buddy Milo, a minilop rabbit.
  9. I joined Twitter in April 2008 and struggled with what to use as my 140-character bio. I settled on "My deepest wish is that we would all be quiet enough for one day to really hear each other. And my favorite artifical flavor is cherry," and have started using that as my profile/bio for other things, too, because I think those two sentences tell a lot about me.
  10. I have a secret (not any more!) fear that these "25 Random Things" memes are set up to harvest personal information to create an army of Scott clones (which, trust me, the world does NOT need) and/or to figure out potential computer passwords.
  11. In December, I let my facial hair grow out, but the first time I saw my niece Madelynn after having what could finally be called a beard, she scowled and frowned at me. I shaved it off the next day and never looked back.
  12. I won the Mohawk Trails Spelling Bee in fifth grade, defeating Omar Aziz by correctly spelling the word "assassin." Yes, I am a graduate of Mohawk Trails Elementary School and Secret Elite Paramilitary Training Facility.
  13. I ate raccoon once at a church fundraiser. I do not recommend it.
  14. I am a member of MENSA, and I am an Eagle Scout. If you know either of these things about me, it changes your perception of me. If you know both of these things about me, it really changes your perception of me.
  15. I gained a lot from my experience in the Scouts, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. But I think the Scouts are being shortsighted and ignorant by maintaining a ban on gay and atheist adult leaders, and I'm afraid the next generation of kids (whose parents also disagree with that stance and will, therefore, not allow their kids to be Scouts) will suffer for it. That's why I'm a member of both the National Eagle Scout Association and Scouting for All.
  16. I sold fine art in a Michigan Avenue gallery for a couple years in Chicago. It was the time in my life when I felt the most free. The first painting I sold cost $37,000 -- awesome.
  17. I really like sushi and am going to make sushi for lunch tomorrow when my dad comes over.
  18. I love to sing, and I've often wondered how my life would be different if I had realized earlier in my life how much I love singing.
  19. I became a fan of curling when I worked on a consulting project in St. Catharines, Ontario, in 2003/2004. I suck at curling, but was given the club's "Best American" award on my mid-season departure. In classic Canadian fashion, they were polite enough not to mention I was the club's "only American" at the time.
  20. I think TV news weatherperson is the biggest BS job in the whole world, but I secretly want to be a TV news weatherperson because they are often the ones who get to do the fun ancillary things, like the human-interest stories and the game-show hosting. (I would love to help Chris Wright improve his hosting skills on the Westfield Insurance Brain Game.)
  21. I get frustrated by really smart people who talk a lot but don't take action. This is probably a case of being frustrated by the traits of others that frustrate us most about ourselves.
  22. I typically forget birthdays and am a lousy gift-giver.
  23. I love to laugh, though some people find my genuine belly laugh overwhelming. I like to analyze jokes and figure out why they're funny to me, and I like to "workshop" jokes and make them even funnier.
  24. I have pretty much recovered from my zombie fear. This may be seasonal, though: zombies don't fare well in the cold.
  25. When I get nervous or lonely or need to psych myself up for something, I sing old TV theme songs. "Gimme A Break," "Good Times," and "Mr. Belvedere," specifically.


jss said...

You forgot 26 through 29... allow me to elaborate:

26. You have the coolest brother anyone could ever want!

27. You have the coolest sister-in-law that anyone could ever want!

28. You have the absolute coolest niece ever, in the history of the world!

29. You are about 7 days away from being an uncle of the 2030 Heisman Trophy winner and 2034 Super Bowl winner. He will undoubtedly become a NASCAR champ, and will probably pitch a no-hitter in a World Series.

Scott S. Semester said...

HAHA! Of course! :)