Monday, January 05, 2009

Be Good?

Remember when God was a large elderly woman on a Rascal?

Well, the good people over at Liberty Mutual's short-film-viewing-and-discussion website The Responsibility Project have added some new short films. For viewing and discussion.

Watch the short film below and then share your perspective. My commentary after the vid. [UPDATE: The embed code doesn't seem to be working right, so click here to watch the video and then come back to add your comments. UPDATE UPDATE: It seems to be working now!]

I'm not sure I identify with Joe all that much -- I've never had a rager of a party that both destroyed my home and alienated me from my neighbors, although I do share both his love of cake frosting and tendency to have conversations with the TV. And while I do not share his "girls, parties, and beer" lifestyle, I often struggle with the question, "What have I ever done that's worthwhile (proper grown-up stuff)? What good am I to anyone?"

I have not resorted to Saturday-night "Don't drink and drive" announcements outside any local pubs, but I have tried, with varying results, to be not only a good citizen, but a presence for good in the world. But sometimes it backfires -- when you let someone in front of you in traffic, it pisses off the person behind you; or when you smile politely at someone in line at the check-out, she thinks you're checking her out. Truly, 'tis a double-edged sword, this notion of serving the community. Even when I related the story of the runaway minivan at the gas station, I managed to piss off a resident of that neighborhood.

Luckily -- both for Joe in "Be Good" and, I hope, for me -- God/the Universe/Creator/Great Spirit/Whatever has plans that we cannot foresee. Even when things get totally screwed up, it all works out for the best. Or it will, at least, be just fine. As I get older, I think that's what my four-point notion of religion is: Love God, love each other, do your best, it will be just fine. And whether you view The Responsibility Project's films through a lens of religion or ethics, or you just enjoy a good short film, they're definitely a good addition to the Interwebs.

And on that note, I'm enjoying exploring The Responsibility Project's films. I encourage you to head over and check them out yourself. They're a little long, by (your) ADHD-addled internet standards, but when you find yourself with a few extra minutes, you should check it out.

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