Sunday, January 18, 2009

How does my net work?

This is my Facebook friend wheel. It shows all two-hundred-and-something of my friends and then illustrates how they're connected to each other.

Folks are grouped by acquaintanceships: church, high school, IU, etc. What's interesting to me is how many across-the-circle links there are. I was talking with my friend Lisa M. at lunch the other day about this very phenomenon -- how fascinating it is when we find out that two friends who we didn't think knew each other do, in fact, know each other (which is what those across-the-circle links signify).

What does your friend wheel look like?


K.T. said...

This "friend web" representation reminds me of the activity that I used to do at the closing of RA training where we made the big web of yarn and "connected" to one another. When a couple of people dropped out of the circle, it was always interesting how far apart the rest of us became when we took steps backward to use up the slack. The connections across your web is what gives it strength.

Sonja said...

And then there is me....a lone, random friend. Random is a good word for me.