Thursday, January 15, 2009

Now I'm BarackObamasistible.

Over on Obamicon.Me, courtesy of Paste Magazine (whatever that is), you can make a Shepard Fairey-esque poster of yourself. Using your picture and the technology scientists have worked decades to produce (for useful purposes, such as missile-defense systems, international financial transactions, and telling the world what you had for lunch), you may Obamafy yourself into a stylized red, white, and blue poster like this one.

Or this one:

You can even customize the text at the bottom, as I did.

Because why stick with boring taglines like "Hope," "Progress," or "Change," when all you really want to do is promote yourself?


Becks said...


Scott S. Semester said...

Haha, well, yes. The red-white-and-blue-ification does tend to reveal the highs and lows of one's complexion.