Saturday, February 14, 2009

It's all happening at the Zoo...

KT and Trevor and I went to the Zoo today. It was a little cold when the sun was behind the clouds, but we had a great time. We were specifically on a mission to see the new bears and, on the way, we saw some other stuff, too.

When we walked in, the keepers were doing the seal/sea lion show. Here's Diego the Sea Lion showing off his mad obedience skillz:

To warm up a little after the show, we went into the Oceans building where we petted the dog sharks and saw penguin feeding time. When you're the one with the fish, you're very popular among penguins:

On our way out of the Oceans building, we spent some quality time with the polar bear:

After that, we went around to see the walruses. Here's one of them giving a Valentine's hug to Trevor:

After our fun time with the great big marine mammals, we went to the Forests, where we saw a beautiful tiger. I got a GREAT picture of the majestic tiger chainlink fence between us and the tiger:

Then we went to see the bears, who really weren't doing that much, but they were cute:

We ended with a trip to the Underwater Adventure Dome, where I again had dreams of a special screening of Sharks in Venice, and then we headed to Steak N Shake for lunch before I had to head off for another commitment.

It was a great day with two great friends and all kinds of great animals!

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jss said...

I love our zoo. I can't wait to take Madelynn and Owen when it gets a little warmer. The polar bear(s) is(are) my favorite by far! We'll have to invite you to come along when we go. Nice fence pic!