Monday, March 09, 2009

Let's end hunger together

I think we can all agree that no child in America should grow up hungry.

Over in the left-hand sidebar, I've placed a widget from the good folks at Tyson Foods, Share Our Strength, HUM/Kimball Office, and MediaSauce.

Do me a favor and click over there (or just click here) and make your pledge. You can pledge to GIVE money to support efforts to feed the hungry. Or you can pledge to VOLUNTEER at a local foodbank -- they'll even help you find the one nearest to you. Or you can pledge to SHARE this effort -- either on your blog or website, or by personally talking it up with friends and family.

For every 1,000 pledges, Tyson will send a truckload of food to your local foodbank.

So click it now and make YOUR pledge!

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