Wednesday, March 04, 2009

What's going on here?

As regular readers of this blog, both of you know that while I'm looking for a job, I've gotten involved in a number of volunteer opportunities. Between resumes and interviews and writing and some other projects, here's the volunteer stuff I'm working on these days:

QUASH - The Quest to Unravel Alzheimer's Scavenger Hunt
On Saturday, April 25, teams of 2 to 4 people will descend upon downtown Indy to participate in a scavenger hunt of epic proportions. QUASH is a fundraiser to support Alzheimer's research and treatment, and my brother and I participated in it last year. I'm on the steering committee this year, and I'm looking to recruit some team captains. If you're interested, let me know, and I can get you the hook-up on your registration fee.

St. Luke's
I'm happily -- oh, so happily, you have no idea -- back at my home church. I'm still working with St. Luke's Stephen Ministry, and I'm back doing some stuff with the Together In Ministry Everyday movement within the congregation (helping to plan and promote opportunities for interfaith study and dialogue in April and May). I'm also occasionally subbing with the handbell ensemble, singing monthly at the Taize worship, and singing each week with the Chancel Choir. (You should come to our free concert on March 22. And watch for some audio clips here on the ol' blog to help you decide to attend the concert.)

Freewheelin' Community Bikes
I'm on the board, as this project began as a ministry at Broadway Church (where I used to work), even though it's housed at Tabernacle Presbyterian. It's a neighborhood outreach and community development program based around bikes -- kids come into the shop and learn about bicycle mechanics, maintenance, and repair, and in the process they earn their own bike. Freewheelin' sponsors a number of bike rides throughout the year, and there are all kinds of ways to be involved -- if you're interested, let me know, and I'll share more info with you.

Motus Dance Theatre
My term as the chair of the board of directors for Motus Dance Theatre has expired -- well, to be truthful, I expired it and engineered a self-coup in December. ¡Viva la self-initiated revoluciĆ³n! I'm still on the board, though, and my main focus is fundraising -- working with the company president to get our grant reports and applications hammered out and submitted on time. (What? Five minutes before the deadline is "on time.") Motus is also where I took those Zumba classes at the beginning of the year -- if you want a real workout that's a ton of fun, check out Zumba with Megan on Thursday nights.

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