Friday, April 17, 2009

UPDATE: I have lines!

Friends, my much-anticipated and critically acclaimed American musical theatre debut as Unnamed Chorus Member #3 in the joint St. Luke's/Beth-El Zedeck production of "Fiddler on the Roof" has undergone some changes.

One of the guys in the show had to step out, and now I've been promoted to the role of Mendel, the Rabbi's son. So now you HAVE to come see it!

Mendel only has 15 or 20 lines, mostly in defense of tradition, in contrast to the radical student Perchik, played by my friend Zach. I won't have any solo singing parts -- which is just fine with me. I'm nervous enough about my two spoken-word-ish solos during the final number.

You have no idea how many different ways I've come up with to say "A broom..." and "A bench..."

Guess you'll just have to join us for a performance to see which way I finally choose to go with it.

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