Tuesday, April 07, 2009

What'choo tweetin' 'bout, Willis?

One of the reasons I've been posting less frequently to this blog lately is that I've been "microblogging" on Twitter. You should consider creating a Twitter account and following me, so I can follow you.

But if you're not interested in doing that, you can get a sense of the things I'm talking about on Twitter using the Wordle below, which I created using TweetStats. Again, as with all Wordles, the bigger the word, the more frequent its use.

Why is "rt" so big, you ask? Well, on Twitter, each 140-character entry you make is called a "tweet." When someone you're following tweets something funny or profound or informative or otherwise noteworthy, it's common practice to repeat, or "retweet" or "RT," what they say. So apparently the most common word I use on Twitter indicates that I'm passing along someone else's tweet. (I am somewhat conflicted about this, in that I'd hope that the bulk of the ideas I convey in my tweets are my own. However, many social-media best practices include retweeting as a sort of Pay It Forward, goodwill, value-added* thing.)

Beyond the retweeting, my big words are: good, time, know, and haha. I feel pretty good (haha) about those words being among my most frequently used. Positive, fun, optimistic -- that's how I hope to come across.
* To deviate a touch from that positive, fun persona, please to be letting me make this abundantly clear -- if you ever, in a tweet, in an e-mail, or in a real-life conversation with me, talk about "adding value" to my work or to my life, I'm afraid we'll need to stop being friends. "Adding value," "authenticity," "passion," and "synergy," are among the buzzwords I expect never to use unironically.

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