Monday, May 11, 2009

The extended family

My brother (and his wife and their kids) invited me and my folks and his wife's folks to a wonderful Mother's Day brunch yesterday. Here is a picture of us all -- well, most of us. Owen, the newest Semester, is not pictured. (He's the one holding the camera. Haha, just kidding. He's in the Baby Transportation & Short-Term Storage System just out of frame.)

I post this pic for two reasons: (1) I think it's a nice picture of us all, and (2) It's the most recent picture of me, in case I'm ever abducted and the news channels and/or law enforcement authorities need a recent picture.*

* This is (kind of) a joke. When I lived in Chicago almost 10 years ago, I told my friends that, if I was ever abducted, I was worried that the last picture taken of me would be something stupid and cheesy, which is basically almost any picture of me. The center of this conversation was a picture of me, dressed in shirt and tie, sitting on a futon and holding an umbrella like a schoolgirl holding a parasol, which (a) don't ask, and (b) if I ever find that picture, I will definitely post it, because it's hilarious to me.


shouldhavezagged said...

Ooh, I never thought of that!

In true I-watch-too-much-Law-&-Order style, I do tell the person I am with that it is important that we don't die if I don't have ID on me so that the report isn't "So-and-So and an unidentified woman were found dead..." Also, in the I'm-sorta-kidding-but-not-really genre, I made my then-eHarmony-match-now-husband give me his full name & make of car before I met him in a public place so that the police would have a lead should I go missing (yeah, that's what I told him). Charming, eh?

Also in I-watch-too-much-Law-&-Order style, I note the time whenever I hear a sound that COULD be a gunshot -- you know, in case Lenny Briscoe comes a-canvassing later asking when I heard the noise.


Scott S. Semester said...

See, it's heads-up play like that that's gotten you this far, Sacha. And heads-up play like that that will serve you in good stead during the coming Race War/Zombie Uprising/What Have You.

#GungGung, indeed. :)

julmille said...

As owner of the aforementioned "Smiling Umbrella" photo, I will make it my personal mission to scan that in this week... entertainment for the masses!

Scott S. Semester said...

As soon as it hits my inbox, it'll hit the blog, Julmille. :)