Saturday, May 30, 2009

You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both, and ask the good to stop wearing so much eyeliner, and there you have "The Facts of Life"

Are you into American Idol?

My dear readers, I'm sure that both of you know that when AI debuted seven or eight years ago, I was really into it. But these days, it's tough for me to get excited about it.

I did, however, occasionally watch the Idol this season. And for weeks -- nay, months -- I struggled with who I thought odds-on favorite Adam Lambert reminded me of. He had a very familiar face, but I just couldn't place it.

Until now.

Friends, at this time, thanks to a photo that appeared in a post from Michelle Collins at Best Week Ever, I am able to specifically point out the individual that Adam Lambert calls to mind for me:

Mindy Cohn (Natalie Green on TV's "The Facts of Life"), left.
Adam Lambert (Adam Lambert on TV's "American Idol"), right.

Do you see it?

Check around the eyebrows, the nose, the cheeks, the mouth...pretty much everything in my CSI-addled brain leads me to believe that facial recognition software would have no trouble at all pegging Adam Lambert either as a relative of Mindy Cohn or as Mindy Cohn herself in the role of a lifetime as a 27-year-old male entertainer with a penchant for cosmetics and screeching.

And now, I can rest easy.


Anonymous said...

LOL, the facial recognition in iPhoto thinks you look like Steve Harris, Lonnie Jones and Jerrilyn Herd.


Scott S. Semester said...

Haha! I'm honored. (I think.)


Anonymous said...

I don't see it, I really don't see it; and I am very very glad I don't see it!

Amy Spencer said...

Omg, I was just watching an episode of The Facts of Life and when I was watching Natalie (Mindy Cohn) all I could think of was Adam Lambert. Their eyes are identical. So I looked up comparisons and found this rather old blog. Lol! But they really do look like they could be brother and sister.